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This course provides an genertal overview of basic switchgear equipment. Switchgear is a general term covering switching and interrupting devices that control, meter and protect the flow of electric power. The component parts include circuit breakers, instrument transformers, transfer switches, voltage regulators, instruments, and protective relays and devices.

Switchgear includes associated interconnections and supporting or enclosing structures. The various configurations range in size from a single panel to an assembly of panels and enclosures, with low and medium voltage ratings.

• Types of switchgear
• Voltage classifications
• Low voltage elements
• Circuit breakers, transformers and current transformers
• DC and AC control circuits
• Air, oil and vacuum CB's
• Transfer switches
• Instrumentation and misc. devices
• Relays, regulators
• Surge arresters, capacitors, control switches, fuses
• Batteries, testing and metering equipment
• Operations, inspection, troubleshooting and maintenance
• Recordkeeping

Intended Audience: This course is intended for Geotechnical, Civil, Environmental, Water Resources, and other engineers whose job description requires a comprehensive knowledge of geotextile applications and design procedures.

Publication Source: US Navy, NAVFAC, Pub#M5-685/NAVFAC MO-912

3 hours
Certificate of completion
Beginner level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
1 year access


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